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The company is located in Buttrio (UD), 100 km east of Venice and 90 km south of the border with Austria, in the ‘Fruili Colli Orientali’ d.o.c. district, precisely in a hilly area dedicated to the production of wine in which vineyards are the predominant feature of the landscape. The family estate extends across 110 hectares of vineyards. On 15th February 1585, the noble family dAttimis-Maniago received the Buttrio company as dowry for a marriage. In the words of the current owner, Count Alberto: “Our relationship with the vine and the vineyard is a family union which has lasted over 400 years“.

The origin of the Attimis dynasty dates back to the patriarchy of Aquileia and, as attested by the imposing family archive, a significant production of wine began in the 1700s, even if there are many testimonies of wine being shipped to Italy and other foreign countries in earlier centuries.

The first bottles of Conte dAttimis-Maniago appear in 1930, a pioneering initiative in the Friuli region. As Count Alberto often states: “We are proud of our past; it is a heritage rich in tradition and experience from which to glean strength and learn important lessons. The story of my family and the tradition of my land are essential pieces of our current business philosophy because they force me to commit to what I have received from those who came before me and to what I will leave to those who come after. They also constantly inspire our innovative spirit and desire to improve“.

Info & Contacts

Where we are, how to contact us and how to make a reservation

Conte d'Attimis - Maniago

Via Sottomonte 21 - 33042 Buttrio - UD


Tel: +39 0432.674027
Fax: +39 0432 674230
E-mail: Elisa.

Contact for visits
Alberto d’Attimis – Maniago M.
Languages spoken: English – German – French – Spanish
Maximum Hospitality: 50 people

Parking: On
Parking spaces: 20/30
Coaches parking: 2/3

Tasting room: Yes
Seats: 50
Overnight: No

Seasonal opening

The winery opens, by appointment, from Monday to Saturday morning.
It closes during August holiday.

Opening time

From Monday to Friday
from 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.
from 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Saturday by reservation only

How to reach us
Conte D'Attimis Maniago - Via Sottomonte, 21 - Buttrio (UD), Italy

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