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The poet Giorgio di Polcenigo sung the praises of Picolit on the occasion of the christening of the young Count Fabio I di Maniago in 1664, in this sonnet: "A gentle liquor King Piccolitto which no argument can compare. The sun ripens the sun preserves the grapes of Buri the children of Bacchus". Buri is Buttrio, land of wine, and the Picolit of the Sottomonte d?Attimis-Maniago Estate has been valued by the European aristocracy since the early 18th century. Owner: The d?Attimis-Maniago family. Winemaker: Franceso Spitaleri, who is also responsible for the vineyards. Total vineyards: 85 hectares.

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Conte D'Attimis Maniago - Via Sottomonte 21 - 33042 Buttrio - UD - Italy Ph: +39 0432.674027 Fax: +39 0432.674230
P.IVA 01329370934